Nicko Stacking Lounger

Nicko Stacking Lounger produced from quality Javanese teak wood Indonesia, this garden furniture product is sturdy and durable teak garden furniture for years. Manufactured in machine made and handmade quality, created for comfort making for long lasting use, Nicko Stacking Lounger will prove to add value and luxury to your house. Put this lounger in a poolside gardens, yards, deck areas, patios or under the shade of your favorite tree, can offer you the perfect place for those time-out moments.

Having a fully adjustable back relaxation that enables you to definitely recline at any position, you will be taking in the sun and reading through your preferred book in desire. With the added convenience of a variable knee section you may be putting your feet up. Provided with a tray, you can put a glass or a bottle of drink to accompany besides you. It also stackable lounger model which you can stack it to safe more space or room. This type of teak lounger is the ultimate mixture of sturdiness, comfort, and elegance that’s on the market.

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